Our project managers

Felix Berchten

Stefan Birrer

Christoph Bühler

Sylvain Dubey

Marzio Giamboni

Saskia Godat

Miklós Irmay

Lukas Kohli

Nicolas Martinez

Matthias Plattner

Petra Ramseier

Tobias Roth

Barbara Schlup

Alain Stuber

Cassien Vietti-Violi

Adrian Zangger



Our team consists of 31 employees at three office locations.

Our board of directors is composed of



Felix Berchten                Matthias Plattner           Catherine Regez            Alain Stuber                   Adrian Zangger


Contacts for project enquiries

Apart from questions regarding the company as such, clients will mainly deal with one of our project managers. As soon as you have made an enquiry, your project will be assigned to a project manager who will then be in charge of everything from submitting a tender to finalizing the job. For your project enquiry, please choose and contact any person from the list on the right or call any of our business addresses.