Current Award winners

Esther Schweizer & Manuel Frei Forschungspreis 2015:  Lebensraum und Gefährdung der Kreuzkröte im landwirtschaftlich stark genutzten oberen Suhrental more

Alain Reymond Forschungspreis 2014:  Ökologie und Schutz einer Metapopulation des Blauschillernden Feuerfalters more

Benjamin Krämer Forschungspreis 2013: Landschaftsökologie von Schmetterlingen auf Buckel-wiesen in Südbayern more

H&W Research Award


On occasion of the company’s 20th anniversary in 2003, Hintermann & Weber created an award to honor applied research in nature and landscape conservation. With funding for nature conservation research reduced to a drizzle these days, many concrete questions still remain unanswered, while the results of pure research frequently find little practical use in nature conservation.

For this reason, H&W is intent on promoting applied research in nature conservation – not least because the activity of environmental counseling experts relies on practical insights. So, in order to celebrate 20 years of excellence, the renowned Reinach-based company decided to father an annual award for outstanding original research of particular usefulness in hands-on nature conservation.

Endowed with 5000 Swiss francs, the award recognizes the efforts of researchers whose insights lend themselves to immediate implementation in nature and landscape conservation. The award winner is selected by a jury of five, among them two H&W employees and Isabelle Flöss of the regional office of landscape and waters of the canton of Aargau, René Amstutz of of Switzerland’s leading nature conservation organization pro natura and Valentin Amrhein of the Research Station  Petite Camargue Alsacienne.